Shehryar Asim

Chief Executive Officer

Shehryar, the man behind it all. He's an expert of handling puzzling situations calmly. He possesses a strong eye that keeps a count of all nitty gritty details punticously. That everyone is saiing on the boat at the same pace!

Aqran Azmat

Chief Operating Officer

He's a man of principles, an epitome of commitment and dedication. He drives his energy from challenges coming his way. Company strategies are significantly taken up by him. Every responsibility given to him is executed with nothing less than perfection. His focus is on cultivating an environment where the society and the business world can bridge the gap between themselves, to thrive in an environment where trust and competency is the key.


Business Development Officer

Umar, is the member who knows the value of professionalism and his dedication towards client relations is endless. This enthusiastic approach helps him out to achieve his targets.

Maryam Khan

Human Resource Head

Maryam is a decisive, ingenious and an assiduous person. Besides having good analytical skills and good decision making power she also possess cojent argumentative skills. She has strong leadership qualities and is a person with pragmatic approach to situations. Maryam is confident in social situations and has good knowledge about work ethics.


Director PR

He's our guy to handle all the tech-related issues! You assign him the task and he’ll get it done within minutes. Talha, is one of the experienced persons in the field of IT. He’s delivering extra ordinary results when it comes to technology.

Ahmad Zia

Content Writing Head

Ahmad, one of the most talented person in our team. His writings skills are of great panache. Leading his team from the front, he has proficiency in writing and thoroughly understands the do's and don'ts of creating a masterpiece

Ayesha Siddiqua

Social Media Management Head

Ayesha, one of the core member of our team has a great grip in social media management. From developing the strategy to engaging viewers, she knows it all. She aims to never let down her team and clients by devising a good strategic plan.

Momina Shafique

Graphic Designing Head

What images we mentally imagine or create, She Illustrates! We proudly introduce our graphic designer.  Momina as the virtuoso flaunts her art of creating the discrete from the abstract.

Zainab Nadeem

Photography Head

Zainab, who captures the precious moments is one of our talented team members. Aesthetic editing, an eye for detail and capturing beautiful shots are some of the qualities of her work.

Haseeb Jilani

Videographer Head

Haseeb, one of the most talented person in our team. His skills of video editing are extraordinary. Leading his team from the front making sure our videos are produced at the highest quality.

Mansoor Nasir

Website Development Head

Mansoor, is the head of our development team.His expertise to fix the bugs is outstanding. He is extremely determined, motivated, goal-oriented, and talented individual.